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LURTECH International Pty Ltd a Project Services Company in the field of providing project management, project support services and Plant Spare Parts for the Petro-chemicals, Mining and Environmental Industries. These Services include the following; Project Management services including outsourcing and procurement. Procurement and Expediting Services of Spare parts for environmental equipment, ESP‘s, including , DE Frames, CE plates, Hammers for Lurgi Type ESP s and Baghouses,. Supply of Specialist Spare Parts for Solar Power Plants. Produce project management including : Quality control management & Health and safety system
Country: Australia

ASK-EHS Engineering and Consultants is capable of catering quality and state-of-the-art services in the field of OHSE to the emerged and emerging Construction Projects and Operation Industries in India and abroad, ranging from mining, metal, chemical, petro-chemical, fertilizer, consumer goods, public utilities to power sector including atomic power plants and high-tech installations, with its band of, Technocrats having multi-disciplinary expertise and experience in latest technologies Management experts having zeal and entrepreneurship to render ever-demanding systemic services Software and I.T. groups designing and producing systems to control and regulate intricate job-tasks Fine arts and media groups producing animated OHSE movies enlivening the work situations and working people Rapidly advancing Science and Technology with global marketing competition is bringing up new challenges for the captains of the industries, in the face of which, it has become imperative for them to adopt due diligence and corporate accountability towards the people, the society and the environment. Modern multinational managements are no longer asked only to conform to standard specifications of OHSE, rather democratic legislation demands industries to rise to the level of global performance standards to take care of entire OHSE responsibilities. An industrial age is appearing where quick-fix will not work; short-cuts will make the very base of business too vulnerable to stand; old philosophy of ignore and manage will not be allowed to operate. The only positive and proactive way is to take-up the entire obligation of OHSE with firm commitment to meet the high demand of Risk resolution with matching preventive and compensating measures at all its fronts. The composite OHSE management system will have to be integrated with the main stream of overall management system of the organization to march towards excellence. ASK-EHS is comrade-in-arms with our industrial clients in this stupendous and mammoth task, which invites the attention of workmen, unions, government, society and humanities at large, by rendering them up-to-the-mark services on turn-key basis with know-how, training and expertise from feasibility to commissioning, implementation and monitoring, review and updating , keeping the system in full vitality. OUR RANGE OF SERVICES Environmental, Health and Safety Consultancy Services Environmental, Health and Safety Management Systems EHS Trainings: Custom-Made EHS audits of Industrial Installations and Civilian Centers with requisite consultancy for risk reduction Providing consultancy for drawing and implementing Emergency Plans Aiding development of Personal Protective Equipment by liaisoning between users and makers On-Job Trainings Recruitment and Training of New Starts in the discipline Out-source of EHS Skilled, Qualified and Experienced Manpower Development and Implementation of Environment, Health and Safety software Providing legal aid to Industries facing EHS statutory bottlenecks Control of Specific Work Risks Improving Working Environment
Country: India